Roofless Records Just Won't Reveal Its Cinema Sounds Secrets Till Tomorrow

From the moment Cinema Sounds No. 6 was announced, there's been a serious swirl of secrecy surrounding the whole thing. And no matter how hard we batter him with questions, Roofless Rex exec Matt Preira refuses to reveal anything but the most basic details. He just smirks and says: "It's secret!'

Up till now, Matt has told us about this Saturday's bands (Animal Tropical, Teepee, Goatslacker, Slashpine) and he's described the origins and future of the project ("The series started in Sarasota ... This is the first Cinema Sounds in South Florida but it won't be the last.") and he's provided us with some video documents of past performances (here and here and here).

Well, those scraps were not enough. We needed to know more. And so, we went behind Matt's back and contacted the musicians.

Eventually, Jarrett from Animal Tropical got back to us, saying: "Loosely titled the Skeptical Operetta, our part will showcase jazz standard duets, choir medleys, takes from our usual set, and possibly an electronic fugue." The others, though, weren't as loose-lipped ... Teepee sent us a random photo, Goatslacker totally ignored our repeated emails, and Slashpine wordlessly forwarded this link to a free MP3.

So, in the end, we went back to Matt begging for forgiveness and a scrap or two of insider information. But he just smirked and said: "Here are some teaser keywords for each of the sets: pixels, brutality, transcendence, and vaudeville."

Translation: It's still a fucking secret.

Saturday, April 3. Tower Theater, 1508 SW 8th St., Miami. Doors open at 10 p.m., and admission costs $5. Rooflessrex.com

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