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Roofless Records Presents Jeff Zagers at Radio-Active Records on October 4

The South, it's about as traditional as it gets. Just hit up an SEC tailgate party or a stock-car race and try to count as many Confederate flags, pickup trucks on lift kits, and camouflage beer cozies as you can. Numbers don't even go that high. But the Deep South is also home to one of the finest cities in America, the artistically rich Georgia gem of Savannah. Over the past several years, Savannah has grown to become one of the country's thriving arts capitals, hosting several music and theater festivals each year that showcase the area's best talents. Among the gifted is Savannah-based multi-instrumentalist Jeff Zagers. Specializing in "outsider synth-pop," Zagers has released music in nearly every format imaginable. From cassettes to digital downloads, he's managed to seamlessly cross genres and build a truly unique sound. This week at Radio-Active, Fort Lauderdale's indie-music mecca, Roofless Records is bringing Zagers to town to perform alongside a handful of local noisemakers like New Times Broward Palm Beach's 2012 Best Experimental Musician, Chrome Dick.

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