Rookie Mag Editor Tavi Gevinson on Jimmy Fallon: Five Best Moments

Rookie Mag editor Tavi Gevinson is undeniably cool. 

She got her start in the fashion industry at the ripe age of 11, building one of the most influential cultural blogs around the web. More recently, the tiny fashionista launched an online magazine fit for very hip teenage girls. She's hilarious, articulate, and just what this new generation of teenagers needs.

Last night, Gevinson sat down with Jimmy Fallon on Late Night to discuss the launch of Rookie Yearbook One, the fashion industry, and most importantly, how to do "bitchface."

Check out our list of the five best moments from the episode after the jump.

5. "Bjork is not a human."
Tavi told Fallon about the time she met the Icelandic goddess at her first fashion party. The two bonded over the mystical creature that is Bjork. It was, apparently, like watching two best friends gossip over tea and cookies.

4. "I'm still growing up outside of Chicago."
Tavi is funny. And not in that awkward, uncomfortable silence type of way. She is absolutely hilarious and had Fallon cracking up during her segment.

Fallon: "How did you get into fashion? Are your parents fashionable?"
Tavi: "NOooO....[insert pause] ... They're like very nice, good people."

Although her portion of the episode was much longer than the other two

guests, we still wish it was a whole show dedicated to Rookie Mag.

3. "Yearbook One is so rad!"
Jimmy Fallon is obviously not a teenage girl -- which he made sure to point out -- but he totally thinks Rookie Mag's debut book Yearbook One is awesome. He noted how intrigued he is by the book, and what an amazing thing it is. He flipped through the pages as though he were a 16-year old girl at a sleepover. By chance, Fallon stopped on one page, the best moment in TV history. But, we'll leave that for the number one spot. 

2. Tavi's outfit.
We had no doubt that Tavi Gevinson would appear on television in anything less than amazing. She's a fashion icon for godsakes! And much to our delight, she didn't let us down in the slightest. And while some folk appearing on television might ditch their personal look for what a stylist recommends, Tavi did nothing of the sort. Appearing in a calf-length dress, complete with spiky headband and peter pan collar, Tavi's outfit was perfection.

1. Teaching Jimmy Fallon how to "bitchface".

Back to Fallon flipping through the new book. The TV host found the "How to Bitchface" tutorial. What happened for the next minute was quite possibly the funniest moment in fashion television history. The two went through and demonstrated a few of the "bitchface" poses. 

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