Ross Perot Used Patsy Cline's "Crazy" and Other Presidential Candidate's Funny Entrance Songs

During election time, political pundits love to analyze really idiosyncratic details about the presidential candidates. Y'know, stuff like body language and number of pauses between sentences. All of this under the guise of real, pertinent insider information that will legitimately influence your vote. For some people, this shit is important.

But of all the minute behavioral patterns they're analyzing, one detail hardly gets the attention we think it deserves: The entrance music!

Seriously, nothing notes where a candidate is at on the out-of-touch barometer like the song they choose to walk out to before speaking publicly. Some are classics, some are obvious, and some just don't make any goddamn sense. Take a look back at a few we remember fondly or with confusion.

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Ryan Morejon