Rumberos de la 8 Celebrate the Release of Their Debut Album at Hoy Como Ayer Next Week

​If you're a native of the 305, Spam probably means a good deal more to you than processed and canned ham byproduct. For one, you no doubt associate it with the ass-shakinest, groove-makinest, bad-ass mamajammas in the city (yeah, I went there. I said mamajamma). But instead of just correlating the name to the musical greatness of Spam Allstars themselves, henceforth it should also bring to mind the music imprint Spamusica. Because aside of Spam Allstars, Spamusica is bringing even more funk.

Not literally though. This funk, courtesy of Rumberos de la 8, falls in the form of some very serious rumba, recorded and mixed by DJ Le Spam at City of Progress Studio for a sound that is deliciously Lo-Fi, just right to make all that timbaleo pop. But make no mistake, great cares were taken to get the sound just right, and the result is rumba worthy of some of Cuba's best.

Rumberos de la 8 celebrate the release of their debut album at Hoy Como Ayer (2212 SW 8th St) with a live performance Thursday, February 25, at 9pm. 2-4-1 drink until 11 and ladies get in free.

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