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Rundown of Suede Dudes' Many and Magical Side Projects

Recently, Fort Lauderdale band Suede Dudes gave County Grind a "Moist Vagina." Ewwwww!, we can hear your screech of disgut. No fear! It was merely a cover of Nirvana's B-side to "No Apologies"/"Rape Me" double A-side released in 1993. They took it and made it all their own. 

We've called Suede Dudes drone-y, surfy, and multi-talented. The band's founder, the awesomely named Bryan Adams, bullshat us about the origin of Suede Dudes' name. And we got deep with Raphael Alvarez about his side project Chrome Dick. It was because of the convo with Alvarez that we decided to delve deeper into and deconstruct the side-projects of this band to which we've grown so attached.

Raphael Alvarez
Plays bass for Suede Dudes
AKA Chrome Dick

Chrome Dick is Raphael Alvarez' project which he would describe deeply, "as experimental/noise that aims to help with the cleansing and evolution of my subconscious mind and heart but is also concerned with touching/connecting to others through unconventional sonic means of performance." We think it's some of the best experimental noise out there. If you're into mind and audio expansion, tired of the pop crap they feed you, you'll enjoy Chrome Dick.  

Will Alvarez
Drums for Suede Dudes
AKA Minimalist Blasphemist

Raphael says of his brother Will's solo project, "Minimalist Blasphemist is, to me, the music that hits your basic, raw emotions while gnawing away at your social infrastructure."

Will notes that, "It's to get all the personal shit out of my system, good stuff, my hypocrisy, things I think about a lot and can't get over or whatever." Then, getting honest with us, adds, "Sometimes I'll listen to some of it and cringe, cause some of it is pretty corny or sucky, but, oh, well. It's like an embarrassing journal, I guess." Love embarrassing journals. Bring it on. 

Bryan Adams
Lead guy for Suede Dudes

"Bryan Adams and Lauren Layden are like this '60s dream pop duo. Lauren's voice is so soothing and they both harmonize well. The music is feel good and relaxing. I can't wait to see what our collaboration with her will be like," Alvarez raves of his band mate(s).

Nick Petakas
Guitarist for Suede Dudes
AKA Nick Petakas

Nick says, "My project, Nick Petakas, culminates all of my influences and is a way for me to translate all of my inspirations. All of my friends make great music and art, and I feel as if their influence is apparent in my music, above all else." Sweet. 

Other Collaborations?
Within the group, other collabs exist. Will and Raphael are starting a project called very slickly Local Dork, "which will just be us doing what we want. We've spoken about recording an EP of nothing but our favorite television show theme songs, i.e. Kids In The Hall, Mystery Science Theater 3000, etc." Since we have the same TV tastes, it's likely you'll be hearing this here first. 

Raphael is also collaborating with Bryan Adams on something called Terminator Tu "(accent on the u, it's Spanish)." He says, "We had a couple tracks that got erased from his computer but were a perfect representation of the sound we wanted-'80s industrial-ish with a post-apocalyptic feel. We put them on a CD with some Suede Dudes songs and handed it out but we can't remember who got it!" He laughs, "I really want to find them and post them online." If you got one, hit up Raphael!

Finally, there's The Le'mons, "(pronounced Leh-moans) which is more like quirky/silly punk a la The Ramones (get it?). They wrote a 5 song EP in one day. They're stoned, they're songaholics, they are The Le'mons." Raphael sums it up beautifully. 

Also, check out the music they've been making at Fig Box, which acts as Suede Dudes' practice and recording space. And now, enjoy the band as a whole again. Hope ya got all of that! 

Don't forget to see them live at Grand Central, 697 North Miami Ave, Miami, Friday, April 27 at 10 p.m. The show is 18 and over, costs $10 and will include live performances by Palette town and Dear Darling and DJ sets by Essential 6, Aramis Lorie, and Jatinder Channa. 

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