RuPaul Advises Henry Rollins on Romance: "Taste Everything from the Buffet"

You know what's better than chicken soup or fresh squeezed orange juice when you're horizontal and coughing in a puddle of your own mucus? Someone passing along the second webisode of RuPaul Drives -- a new web series hosted by the fabulous queen of queens. The most current installment features a few of our favorite things, namely, Henry Rollins and talk of failed romance.

Presented by the all-growns-up club kid blog World of Wonder, the series fills a social and practical void. As Ru says at the beginning of each video, "Everyone in L.A. needs a lift, spiritually and physically." His real mission with Henry Rollins, he proclaims, is to "encourage him to drive himself into the tunnel of love." And even in a haze of illness, our ears perked right up waiting to hear what the former Black Flag frontman had to say about his amorous side.

Rollins starts by talking about the work he's doing, including writing his weekly column for our sister paper LA Weekly, saying, "and while it's not the New York Times, I take all of this very seriously." What do ya know?! We take this seriously as well. We have so much in common!

"Stay vulnerable," Ru advises about relationships. "It takes a level of courage I honestly don't think I possess." Rollins responds candidly (with some omissions. Watch it yourself for the full conversation, you lazy sows). And it gets much more personal from there.

"The universe is calling you out right now," RuPaul tells him. Perhaps it's calling you out to call us? No pressure. We'll be here waiting for the next RuPaul Drives.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.