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Russell Brand to Host MTV Movie Awards; We Want Someone Else

Since its beginning in 1992, the MTV Movie Awards has had a slew of great and not so great hosts. Dennis Miller, Eddie Murphy, and Mike Myers were among some of the good picks. However, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba were a bit of a snooze.

This year, MTV has decided to go with its two time VMA host and comedian/actor Russell Brand. While his British humor and big screen antics are worth a few laughs, we're totally over him hosting another MTV awards show. We think it's time to give someone else a go at it.

Check out our list of picks after the jump.

4. President Obama
Love him or hate him, you can't deny the fact that President Obama is hip. He's friends with Beyonce and Jay-Z. He sings with Mick Jagger and B.B. King. He loves Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. This month he's on the cover of Rolling Stone. And oh yeah, he's in support of gay marriage. Why hasn't Obama hosted an awards show yet? Seems like it'd be a good stop on the campaign trail.

3. Ryan Gosling
Simply put, we want to look at him. And after a year of all those "Hey Girl" memes and the ridiculous amount of movies he's been in, the opening parody could be quite amusing.

2. Amy Adams, Jason Segel, and the Muppets
Jason Segel is absolutely hilarious. Amy Adams is a silver screen sweetheart. Teamed up with the Muppets, this could make for a watchable awards show. Additionally, who doesn't like the Muppets?

1. Zooey Deschanel
Girls want to be her. Guys want to be with her. Zooey Deschanel is just about everyone's manic pixie dream girl. Could be funny. Might be awkward. Just think, the opening parody could poke fun at her oh so obvious "hipster it girl" status.

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