Sandratz's Chuck Loose's Five Craziest Florida Musical Memories

Punk band Sandratz will play Revolution Live tonight for the first time. For drummer Chuck Loose, it won't be the first time he graces that stage, but he hasn't been there in 13 years nor in a dozen bands or so.

Loose has spent the last 20 years beating out rhythms for a long list of Broward punk bands that includes the Crumbs, Heatseekers, and Chickenheads, among 15 or 20 others, though he's not entirely sure of the number.

"I don't even know," he said. "We used to do these summer cover band projects. At one point, I think we had a Nick Lowe cover band called the NickLowedians."

For the last two years, Loose has provided the driving beat behind Broward's surfy, punk rock party act Sandratz. And while this isn't the longest he's been in a band, it has been his longest in a while.

"This band is a baby," Loose said of Sandratz, who are currently working on a follow-up to last year's Hard Work Never Killed Anybody (But I'm Not Taking Any Chances). Generally, he falls into a rule about not staying in a band too long cause they get stale and lame, but this one "has at least three more good records in it."

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Stephen Feller