Santacon 2K10 Sprays Holiday Cheer All Over Fort Lauderdale

This past Saturday night was host to the Fort Lauderdale area's contribution to Santacon 2k10. What is a Santacon, exactly? Take one part flash mob, one part alcohol consumption trek (i.e. pub crawl), and one part charity event, and you're on the right track. Organized chiefly via social networking websites, there are now Santacons in over 181 locations, spanning 25 countries. The Fort Lauderdale "chapter" of Santas spread the Christmas spirit through out the area and it's participating bars via two distinct routes, ending at America's Backyard for an after party at 2 a.m.

I found myself within the largest group of Santas at Rock Bar

right as the bearded horde was massing to move to their next location. Overheard: 

"I'm lost in a  sea of Santas, and truly concerned." A Santa named Brian rings a bell in front of Rock Bar,

calling all St. Nichalites to exit. The pleasantly unruly group posed

for pictures as the stragglers took advantage of the drink specials

provided for those in costume.

For a mob of

people in uniform, the "SantArchists", as many referred to themselves,

were very creative in allowing their individuality to shine through.

Unique spin-off costumes including a snowman, secret service elves, and a

Christmas tree were present, as well as my personal favorite, a

Santafied pimp by the name of Kelvin. As to be expected at any costumed

event in South Florida, there were plenty of Santily-Clad ladies on

hand. I'd like to thank them for affording me the opportunity to make

that pun. 

The highlight of the night was the

now conglomerated group of red, white, and drunk storming (staggering?)

north up A1A, stopping traffic to hand out candy canes and small gifts

to (mostly) affable motorists. The group of jolly, singing, inebriated

Santi found there way to what many thought was The W Hotel. It wasn't,

however, while the more confused members of the pack took the lobby of a

high rise condo, the rest of the group forged on to spread holiday

cheer to the the generally quiet lounge at The W. What better place for a

large group of Santas to assert their yuletide dominance than the

unassuming bar of one of the swankiest hotels in Fort Lauderdale?


the flash mob part of the equation now very much in play, the night

spiraled into a raging dance party. The DJ, quite confused as you may

imagine, cut the music briefly, most likely to check with security about

the situation. He was accosted with the most riotous rendition of "Jingle Bells" I've ever heard. With a confused smile, he began a fresh

track. As if scripted, a celebratory conga line breaks out. "Its great, a

nice change of pace for us, something the W needed!" said security

guard Andrew Meneses, as he watched the Santas dance the night away

under the ironically appropriate blue LED stalactite-esque lighting in

the lounge. Truly, an excellent showing by our local Santacentric, and a

fun time for anyone who caught a glimpse of it!

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David Von Bader