Sarah Packiam Chats About Trudie Skyler, Shakira, and Working at Cutting Cane Studios in Davie

Sarah Packiam Chats About Trudie Skyler, Shakira, and Working at Cutting Cane Studios in Davie

Yesterday, you might have heard soulful songstress Sarah Packiam's song as the soundtrack to County Grind's latest video endeavor:

Interviewing a mermaid

. When it came time to find a song that complemented a beautiful magical sea creature, Packiam's folk, blues, pop tunes came to mind. And, whaddya know? They fit the feminine visuals perfectly.

In her Irish accent, the singer and songwriter told us that she's been working on a second album, writing, recording, gigging, you know, the works. We asked what was inspiring her now to make music, she said it was her new 6 M13 pedal, "I've been experimenting with distortion sounds, going back to basics, and asking my dad for more guitar lessons [a blues musician]. Every time I sit with the pedal, I come up with these crazy distorted sounds." Packiam is truly a siren committed to her sound. 

She's hobnobbed with all of Miami's sonic royalty. Packiam first came stateside

thanks to Jon Secada, who at the time was producing her music. After, she worked in Emilio

Estefan's studio and sang backing vocals for future mommy Shakira, whom

she calls a friend.


currently spending a ton of time at Davie studio Cutting Cane alongside experienced producers.

Jorge Noriega worked with Ricky Martin, while Jodi Marr produced

Mika, and Tim Mitchell, Shakira. Tony Bennett recently even recorded his

album at Cutting Cane. "We write up there," Packiam says of the Broward studio. "It's a great setting. It's green and

away from the city." The place is decorated with rugs and unique musical

instruments. They even have a sarangi, an instrument from India, her

father's country of origin.

One for Two, her debut album, came out last year and includes both songs that were recorded

there, but also what she calls "Spare Bedroom Session," tunes she

produced herself. "One of the last songs I

wrote, which I'm kind of excited about, is called 'Dreams,' the guy that I

wrote it with, Tim Mitchell, actually had a dream with the melody in it," She says it's a sad but sweet story about childhood sweethearts whose

love is interrupted by Hollywood dreams.

When questioned to share a good celebrity sighting story, she came back at us with pure gold. One Halloween backstage at Madison Square Garden, she met Sting, dressed as the Joker. Though it was a Police concert, she says, "Sting

is the main star in my opinion." Packiam chatted with his son, and

noticed the star's wife Trudie Styler had trouble getting near her husband. Apparently, he was over taken with "sexy Halloween

cats all over him." Packiam's empathetic look endeared her to Trudie who

came over, squeezed her cheeks, and said, "'I like you.' That's my Trudie story. I gave her sympathy for all the women throwing themselves at


Her band is a trio, consisting of

Andy Russell "on drumcussion, I like to say, because he uses his hands

and sticks, and he also plays an instrument from Switzerland called a

hang," she notes that when they played in the Keys recently at San Carlos

Theater, "People were blown away by his hang-ling." Their bassist

used to play with Clarence Clemens of Springsteen fame, Steve Argy. 

But with all of that two degrees or no degrees of separation from the superfamous, Packiam remains grounded. She loves her long-standing gig every other Thursday at Balans in

Brickell. Her friends, who are also not from the US, come by to watch her play; she calls them the Foreigners. As for what's she calling her upcoming album, "It'll be a surprise."

You can Sarah perform every Friday night from 8:30 to 11:30 p.m. at Seminole

Casino Coconut Creek (5550 NW 40 Street, Coconut Creek). She plays three sets in the night and has gathered

quite a following. She also suggests you eat at the steakhouse there; the steaks are really that good.


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