Satanik Recordings Releases Free Compilation Swamp Abyss Sorcery

​​The damp and swampy expanse of grass just west of us would be a completely imperfect place for a goaty devil. A goat is totally what's lunch in the Everglades. A cerberus with the possessed heads of a gator, dolphin, and manatee with a flamingo dick? That's another story entirely. 

Gainesville's Satanik Recordings, along with Hot Graves, compiled a heavy mix of Florida's best metal acts, complete with incredibly inspiring album art. Swamp Abyss Sorcery brings together the delicious droning of Holly Hunt, the Broward black metal of Orbweaver, and Miami's female-fronted Shroud Eater. 

You can either pick up one of these CDs at a show, or download it for free. Listen here on County Grind. 

Track Listing
Shroud Eater "Pale Rider"
Druid Lord "Burn In Pagan Fire"
Fatal "Slaughtered Conscious"
Hollow Leg "Warbeast"
Orbweaver "Those of Non-Being"
Flyingsnakes "Curtain"
Hot Graves "Revenge Lust" 
Party Time "Blasphemy Is A Blast For Me"
Extremely Rotten "Feasting On Putrified Remnants"
Fire In The Cave "Civilized Swamp"
Holly Hunt "Cueva"

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