Saturday: Nick Catchdubs at Poplife

Ian Meyer
If you missed Fool's Gold co-founder, Nick Catchdubs, during Winter Music Conference, don't make the same mistake twice. Not going to rehash too much on why Catchdubs holds a special place amongst many blog-house (electro-house/nu-rave/whathaveyou) fans, except that he is genius when in control of the decks.

Contributor John Hood did a Q&A with him prior to WMC -- as well as a preview in our guide -- in which he talks about the balance of running a label and being a DJ. Also, check out another past WMC preview written about him as well as a slide show for the Fool's Gold Scion compilation CD release party at White Room that he spun at.

Nick Catchdubs at Poplife at White Room, 1306 N Miami Ave., Miami. Doors open at 10 p.m.; 18+ for girls, 21+ for guys with ID; free before midnight, $10 after.


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