Scariest Halloween Movies in Anticipation of Splatter-Rama!

Yeah, everyone's horny on Halloween, dressed up like slutty turnips or sexual dachshunds. But, you're all forgetting that this is a holiday centered around fear! Thankfully, the gory Fort Laudy film night Splatter-Rama promises they "are going to eat you" on October 31. And thank the gods of zombies for that.

This time around, they're screening Dawn of the Dead for only 5 bucks (as part of the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival, apparently). The George A. Romero 1978 classic is guaranteed to make you piddle in your panties out of zombie-related fright -- so maybe don't bring a date. Another ridiculously wonderful Halloweeny treat is an all night happy hour -- with drinks costing a mere 2 bones -- and more importantly, free candy.

We spoke with horror movie super fan Mikey Ramirez of Radio-Active Records, who hosts the event along with Cinema Paradiso and Fuck FTL. He offered commentary on his favorite Halloween flicks for the big day. Click and learn, people. Click and learn.

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5. Halloween 1 through 4

"I understand it's a given for this iconic series to be mentioned," Ramirez admits, "but I'll give kudos to the sequels, as well as Part 3, which broke away from the Michael Myers storyline."

4. Trick Or Treat

"An '80s Up All Night staple! Deceased rock star Sammi Curr is summoned back from the dead from playing his record in reverse. Look out for Ozzy Osbourne & Gene Simmons cameos."

3. Night of the Creeps

"Alien invaders land on earth in the form of slugs which incubate in your brain and turn you into a freakin' zombie!"

2. Night of the Demons

"Every Halloween party should be like this. Notable for the Linnea Quigley 'lipstick' scene."

1. Dawn Of The Dead

"Shameless self-promotion here. The ultimate zombie-party movie. Tom Savini's make-up effects go for the jugular (literally)!"

Splatter-Rama Halloween Night, from 8:30 to 11:30 p.m., Cinema Paradiso, Fort Lauderdale Art House Theater, 503 Southeast 6 St., Fort Lauderdale. Entrance is $5 and parking is free. Happy hour all night long with $2 specials, costume contest, and live VJ entertainment included. Frankie Dogs Gourmet Hot Dogs will be present for the hungry. Call 954-525-3456, or visit fliff.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.