Scott H. Biram's Rowdy Roots Rock Hits Monterey Club

Scott H. Biram and Charlie Pickett might make for an odd couple, but they're a riveting double bill. For his part, Biram is a rowdy roots rocker, a guy who packs an insurgent attitude and a venomous sneer. His latest album on Bloodshot Records, Something's Wrong/Lost Forever, offers ample evidence. Spewing spit and bluster, it finds him in full frenzy as a gravelly voiced rock 'n' roll preacher — one who's agitated, irascible, and clearly unrepentant.

Then there's Dania homeboy and labelmate Charlie Pickett, a legendary postpunk provocateur who, with his band the Eggs, spent much of the '80s working the road from here to the heartland. His three albums are imbued with raw, gritty defiance and a rabid local following. Frustrated that he couldn't score the big breakthrough, he walked away a regional wannabe until the aforementioned Bloodshot Records released Bar Band Americanus, a critically acclaimed compilation that finally brought Pickett some overdue national attention. He's been back with a vengeance ever since.

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Lee Zimmerman