Scott Stapp Thinks the CIA Trained Him to Kill President Obama

Photo by: Monica McGivern
Scott Stapp is going so crazy, it's almost not even funny anymore.

The Creed frontman, now a resident of Boca Raton, has been at the center of a very public downward spiral for the past couple of months. His wife, Jaclyn Stapp, had to file for divorce after he sent her life-threatening text messages, and he recently accused her of stealing $2,000 of his money.

Turns out, Mrs. Stapp had the singer placed in a psychiatric hold, and now that he's out, he's riding through the streets shirtless on a bicycle claiming to be on a CIA mission to assassinate President Obama.

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"The only way we know he's going to stop is if he hits rock bottom," his wife tells police in a recorded phone call released by TMZ. She also tells police that Stapp can be found biking conspicuously without a shirt, carrying a bunch of collected documents he claims prove he's a hired hand for the CIA.

In a previous incident, Stapp filmed himself coming to police with allegations that he'd been frauded out of thousands, ranting about how he tried to contact the CIA for help to no avail. Stapp also previously recorded himself admitting he's broke and living in a Holiday Inn.

"He's always suffered from this paranoia schizophrenia but then he self medicates," his wife says on the recording. "I stood by him because we know he's ill. I love him, and we want to see him get better, but we need law enforcement's help."

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