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Scott Weiland

It's well-documented that Scott Weiland doesn't know when to quit. The former Velvet Revolver singer's occasional drug dabbling turned into a full-fledged addiction that's hounded him for more than a decade now. He joined up with his old Stone Temple Pilots bandmates earlier this year for a reunion tour long after the grunge-era holdovers lost their relevancy. And on his second solo album, Happy in Galoshes, he crams 19 songs onto two overstuffed discs, which cover everything from basic pop, rock, and lounge to more adventurous music-hall waltzes, '70s glam, and Beatles psychedelia. Dude has no concept of leaving well enough alone. Weiland settles into a groove on the first part of Happy in Galoshes that's slipperier and more enjoyable than anything he recorded with Velvet Revolver, especially the hooky guitar-pop of "Missing Cleveland," "Blind Confusion," and "Blister on My Soul." But then he moves on to mopey ballads about his split from his wife, corny sentiments like "you are the apple of my life," and pointless covers of David Bowie's "Fame" and the Smiths' "Reel Around the Fountain," complete with vocal affectations. Like all things Weiland, he should've just stopped when he was ahead.
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