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Scott Weiland Is Not Dead! He's Performing at Ricochet in December

That's right! Scott Weiland, the former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver singer, is not dead, even though you (or I) might have thought so. You know who else isn't dead? Morgan Freeman. Yup, totally alive. 

Not only is he not dead, he's on tour performing his greatest all time hits. And even better, he's bringing his very alive guy presence to Miami lounge Ricochet. At first, you might think this an unusual venue for a post-grunge guy to belt out "Plush," but in fact Ricochet has been hosting a successful, Tuesday ladies' night party for months featuring, whaddya know but lots of local guys on guitars.
Owner Alan Roth is a Weiland fan. "The idea of allowing the Ricochet audience to see a rock-icon like Scott Weiland in such an intimate setting was the goal." He says. The venue only holds 200 people. "It's not often people get this opportunity, lead singer of a band that sold over 40 million records but a second Grammy winning band lead singer on top of it." 

Since we've been reading quite a bit about Weiland, we thought we'd share some tidbits of info on him. Nuggets of pretty interesting stuff. 

5. Memories...
Weiland wrote a memoir last year called Not Dead and Not For Sale, which is funny, cause we thought he was dead! Not a happy read. Addiction sucks, being a kid sucks, and playing with former G'N'R members had to have sucked. 

4. Merry Freakin' Christmas!
Not long after the book, Weiland sang his way through some Christmas carols for his album The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. It's totally your typical crooner-does-a-holiday type album. There are strings in there, it's sometimes jazzy, and definitely all romance all holiday season long. Nothing says rock and roll like "Winter Wonderland." Wait, well, that's not true. Everything else in the world says it more. 

3. Ew
STP once stood for Shirley Temple's Pussy.

2. Velvety
Weiland met Duff McKagan at the gym. 

1. Doin' Stuff
Weiland keeps really busy. He's got his own record label Softdrive Records and even created a clothing line for English Laundry. He's a bipolar Catholic and a Notre Dame fan. And you wanna hear him perform "Plush" live one more time. Don't lie. 

Sing along and play air guitar with Scott Weiland at 9 p.m. on Dec. 2 at Ricochet, 3250 NE First Ave., #122B, Miami. Tickets cost $40. Visit

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