Screamo is the New Dad Rock: Secret Arms Release Full Length on Bandcamp

Is screamo the new classic rock?

Think about it. The genre is over twenty years old. In the '90s, "twenty years ago" was the '70s. And isn't that when the grand genesis of "Dad Rock" took place? Y'know, following the bloating of psychedelic rock into arena-sized blowcaine music, but preceding the sudden drop down into the sewer of punk. Are you following so far?

Good. Now we've got to figure out where a band like South Florida's emotional post-hardcore Secret Arms fits in.

We're thinkin' somewhere between City of Caterpillar and Moby Grape.

Alright, alright. We don't hear any Grape Jam in New Colonies. So the "Dad Rock" metaphor really only works figuratively. But, hey, a metaphor can be a mighty and sensually thought provoking utensil.

Secret Arms bassist and vocalist, Tyler Bronis, cites late-'90s and early-'00s screamo stalwarts Pageninetynine and Majority Rule as a frequently heard (by their fans, that is) point of comparison. And aren't those bands -- in terms of aging audience and increasing nostalgia -- practically the new Foghat and Vanilla Fudge?

We can tell you one thing with definitive, testicle-shivering conviction: This aint yer daddy's screamy, epically anthemically cinematic post-hardcore.

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