Sea Things x Main Attrakionz: Florida x California Collab

Not long ago, Sea Things, AKA Michael Floering, put out a beautiful mix called In Rare Form, which we'll post below for your listening pleasure. 

It sounds like outer space laced with codeine, getting heady right away, and one of its standout tracks is the Clams Casino-produced "Shining Every Time" by Main Attrakionz. 

In Michael Floering's own words: "If you haven't followed Main Attrakionz, they are a rap duo from Oakland consisting of Squadda B& Mondre M.A.N. It is one facet of the five-person collective, Green Ova."

Floering's a fan. He has branched out beyond Sea Things to add his dreamy, seamless touch to a few songs on their Blackberry Ku$h tape -- and to some of Squadda B's solo tracks -- officially deeming him a rap producer. 

"I have full intentions of resuming solo and instrumental Sea Things work eventually," he promises, but what we've heard of his production work so far is completely fresh, with samples that'd sound at home right in the halfway point of one of Sea Things' own freak-out tracks.

So what's next besides the eventual resurrection of Sea Things? 

"Next on deck is an eight-songer tape, in between an EP and album I suppose, with Shady Blaze, Green Ova collectivemate to Squadda/Mondre/Main Attrakionz." The announcement on Shady Blaze's Tumblr is pretty Sea-Things appropriate, we'd say. We love it when locals branch out. Enjoy, and click below to listen and download:

Main Attrakionz- On Deck (Prod. by Squadda B + Sea Things)

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