Second Chances: The Growlers Play Propaganda in Lake Worth Tonight

So, you missed the Growlers show in Miami on Friday night, and now you've fallen prey to a deep depression? Like, the kind of depression where all you do is wander around the house in your bathrobe and eat cold cereal until nightfall, at which point you openly weep to Hot Tropics on repeat alone in the darkness? Well, hang up the Ramada Inn terrycloth and blow your nose, because the indie-rock gods have smiled upon thee in the form of a second chance to catch the band voted most likely to blow way the fuck up tonight in Lake Worth. 

By some mysterious turn of events, the Growlers show that was scheduled for the Cocoa Beach area tonight has been moved to Propaganda, Lake Worth. Now, you too will be able to "cool brag" your friends about how you saw the Growlers before Pizza Hut started ripping off their songs for commercials -- you know, like what the delivery giant has done to that Black Keys single. Here, check it out!

...and the Black Key's version: 

Speaking of the Black Keys, Dan Auerbach has been busy rubbing his soulful red beard all over the next Growlers album as their producer. So, you should take us seriously when we implore you to shake off that case of the Mondays with some good music of the spooky, twang laden variety. These are perfect pre-summer bummer jams to complain about the heat to. 

The Growlers with Jane Jane Pollock and Honey Train 8 p.m. tonight, Monday April 14 at Propaganda6 South J Street, Lake Worth, Facebook Event Page

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David Von Bader