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Serum's "Afro Pick 2" Featuring REKS and DJ Heron Free for Download

There might be some who'll argue that prolific MC Serum's been promising his next full-length, P.C.P. (Pre Campaign Propaganda) for some time now. That might be true, but I'm not here to proselytize, question the feasibility of certain hair products or ponder the great unknowns of the music industry. All I know is based on cold, hard facts.

Serum does more in one morning than the "most interesting guy in the world" does in one scripted, commercial shoot. The man gives most of his work away for free! And they ain't bad tracks! As a champion of our local underground, I must say, Serum brings everything to the table that should make hip-hop viable.

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This is not lawyer-driven, macaroni-time, Chief Keef bullshit -- this is music made by a genius for a discerning audience. Not only is his gruff voice instantly recognizable, his lyrical output is thought-provoking hinting at the great points of introspection: spirituality, paranoia, adept pop-cultural referencing, local politics, and the familiar.

Serum featuring REKS and DJ Heron, produced by Cap K - "Afro Pick 2"

Stop sleeping on this. Wake before the troopers storm your compound and click here for some free goodies!

Download Serum's New Hip-Hop EP Daydream of Nightmares for Free

"Insurgemcees," Official Video Off New Serum and Manifesto Album

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