Serum's New Video for "Dr. Moreau" Keeps His Hip-Hop Refreshingly Dark

I think it goes without saying that Serum is one of the best local hip-hop artists. Also one of the most prolific, he is rapidly winning in the "most likely to give it away for free" category.

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Case in point, here's a neat video directed by Fort Lauderdale's TheMayhemRevolution promoting the EP Daydream of Nightmares that he dropped (for free) back in June.

Stijn Beats produced this track, and it complements Serum's gruff vocals in a paranoiac sci-fi-synths kind of way that fits nicely with the Wellsian subject matter of cruelty and human interference.

The action opens with Serum inexplicably covered from head to toe in blood as he labors over his worktable with needle, thread, and assorted tools and implements of vivisection. He's deeply concentrated on the task at hand while numerous shots of insects, creepy-crawlies, and old-timey anatomical illustrations break the scene.

While the contents of the jar at the end are never revealed, we can only deduce, using the data pooled and a solid, previously posited hypothesis, that the contents therein are quite possibly the seeds of an upcoming release -- which he may or may not give away for free.

You shouldn't sleep on these opportunities. Get it all before this guy wizens up and starts charging. Download the EP here.

Serum - "Dr. Moreau"

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