Set List for Peter Murphy Show at Revolution, Ft. Lauderdale, July 5

I'll post a full review later on, but I wanted to get the set list up for the very excellent Peter Murphy gig last Saturday at Revolution. Because his current tour is billed as a "retrospective," I know I'm not alone in obsessively Googling his set lists (hey, I was really excited about this show). Having done so, it wasn't too surprising that the main bulk of the set list didn't change, or that he did three encores. (And to the people screaming for "Cuts You Up" from halfway through the set -- did you think he wouldn't play it?)

So, a couple Bauhaus songs (including "Black Stone Heart," from the band's latest album, Go Away White, released last March), lots of solo career highlights.

Also, because crowds for these kinds of artists are smaller in South Florida, they tend to loosen up and do funkier things... And in Murphy's case we definitely got a few unexpected nuggets. He took a page from the Johnny Cash book and threw in a cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt," and mixed in a couple other covers during various mini-medleys: The Doors' "Riders on the Storm" and David Bowie's "Be My Wife."

Most excitingly, halfway through "A Strange Kind of Love," he slipped into a good couple minutes of "Bela Lugosi's Dead!" It seems he's performed that song only one other time on this tour, at the Blender Theater in New York on June 27.

In a word, the evening was transcendent. That sounds hyperbolic, but watching Murphy perform, even in 2008, was like being hypnotized by a charismatic shaman. I'm sure every single one of his other black-swaddled minions in attendance Saturday night would agree. (Someone near me was actually softly crying, instantly winning 5000 goth points. Does it get much more goth than weeping in the shadows at a Peter Murphy gig?) The set list starts here, and continues after the jump. -- Arielle Castillo

Peter Murphy Set List, Revolution, Ft. Lauderdale, July 5, 2008

-Burning from the Inside


-The Line Between the Devil's Teeth

-Gliding Like a Whale

-Hurt (Nine Inch Nails cover)

-A Strange Kind of Love/Bela Lugosi's Dead

-Marlene Deitrich's Favourite Poem

-I'll Fall With Your Knife

-The Sweetest Drop

-Black Stone Heart

-Crystal Wrists


-Deep Ocean, Vast Sea

-Idle Flow


-She's in Parties/Riders on the Storm (Doors cover)

-Black Stone Heart/Be My Wife (David Bowie cover)


-Cuts You Up


-Final Solution

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