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Set Times for Death to the Sun Festival Tomorrow at Legion Park

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Dino Felipe plays the fest tomorrow.
​Reasons to attend the Death to the Sun festival at Legion Park in Miami tomorrow afternoon: 

1) It's free. 

2) You have nothing to do in the early afternoon, most likely, anyways, besides nurse a hangover. Why not treat it with some hair of the dog? 

3) If you just like fun, ironically or otherwise, there will be a kiddie pool as well as a Slip 'n Slide. And girls on that Slip 'n Slide, if you're creepy like that. Hipsters on the Slip 'n Slide, if you like watching bangs and mustaches wilt upon contact with water. 

4) If you're really into the scene that birthed this fest, you probably live in the neighborhood or close enough to bike or take a bus in a few minutes. This is good for the environment and also prevents drunk driving. Thanks, Death to the Sun!

5) The actual American Legion bar at the back of the park is a pretty amazingly random find. And so surprisingly cheap, it's amazing it hasn't been made illegal in price-inflated Miami.

6) When Surfer Blood is REALLY all over all the P-forking blogs in another few months, don't you want to say you saw them play a free festival at an obscure Miami park all the way back in September 2009?

7) It's free.

There are others, but I think I just hit all the main ones. If you're wondering WTF this thing is, click here to read our past entry on it. And if you're trying to plan your delayed Miami-style arrival to coincide with a specific band, follow the jump for the official (probably only-in-an-ideal-world, but still) performance schedule. 

2:00 Space Voodoo Crystal

2:40 Ouija

3:20 Curious Hair

4:00 Danny Denim

4:40 Little Beard

5:20 Nived-N-Hydro

6:00 Surfer Blood

6:40 Weird Aleister Crowley

7:20 Flux Forces

8:00 BFGF

8:40 Raja Khan

9:20 This Heart Electric

10:00 Teepee

10:40 Ice Cream

11:20 HaHaHelp!

12:00 Electric Bunnies

12:40 Dino Felipe

Death to the Sun festival. Saturday, September 26. Legion Park, 6445 NE 7th Ave., Miami. Admission is free.

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