Seven Inches of Local Heaven: Five 45s You Need to Buy at Radio-Active Records

As Record Store Day approaches, make sure to notice how our jokes about vinyl become slowly dirtier and more juvenile. Today, we're bringing you seven inches of heaven by local musicians. We stopped by Radio-Active Records to peek in on some musical treasures we're planning to buy April 21. Here are five South Florida bands who just sound oh so good on your turntable.

Axe and the Oak
"Dancing on the Grave of Jack the Ripper" and "Vampire"

The Axe and the Oak are one of South Florida's most underappreciated acts. They've opened for Swans, played every venue 'round these parts, and are a Record Store Day staple here in South Florida. These talented musicians have their own goth surfy atmospheric sound that inspired Radio-Active Records to release their first (and so far only) record.
Social Creep
This album was released by Discosoma Records after the band had already disbanded (can you say that?). Beings was one of the most beloved Miami almost-supergroups with which all New Times music writers were obsessed. Theirs was the Best of Local Album for 2010 up here in Broward/Palm Beach. Also, if you're on the fence about purchasing this beauty, the cover art glows in the dark, bitchez.

To Be Hated
Banned in Dade County

A punk-rock band from South Florida that claims on Facebook to "like tacos," their music reflects values of "freedom and liberty." Sweet deal. In addition to purchasing this seven-inch, there will be TBH T's available at Radio-Active this week, perfect to wear on the 21st.

Throw Away Your Radio

Margate punk outfit Shakers are currently working on a secret, soon-to-be-very-public holiday-based music project here at County Grind. Something special to spark up to. That's all we'll say for now. So throw away your radio and grab this little bad boy.

This Heart Electric
Ricardo Guerrero isn't just This Heart Electric; he's a maker of scenes. Recently, he helped raise money to bring THE and Dino Felipe on a Midwest and East Coast tour, and he's hosted more than one Death to the Sun musical blowout. Wait, did we mention that THE is rad? It most definitely is. Buy this baby. Love it.

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