Seven Questions with Pamela Wasabi

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Matthew Karsten
Journalist, photographer, music lover, dancer, provocateur, blogger, publisher, fashionista, trend-setter, fashion consultant/establisher... regardless of whatever facet of Pamela Wasabi you've encountered, the one she represents most is as Miami's aural and visual soundtrack.

New Times: For those who don't know, all three of them, who are you, where do you come from and what do you want for your life?

Pamela Wasabi: Well, my name is Pamela and my "supposed" last name Wasabi was created after Facebook dared me to write "only my real name" which I didn't and later on, people started associating me with my online presence that I attained by the promotion and networking of Wasabi Fashion Kult (WFK). But who am I? Pamela, just a very curious girl trying to document my culture as it happens. I was raised in Colombia, and moved to Miami ten years ago, however I am flagless, but I represent well that Latin spice that allows me to spin like a trompo on the dance floor. Regarding what I want for my life... freedom.

How tightly connected are the worlds of fashion and music in your opinion?

Let's simplify things, fashion: color, music: sound. There is a tune for every hue. It is like a parallel language.

How heavily do you think they influence/incapacitate each other?

Color and sound are a representation of two of your senses, sight and hearing. How strong they are, how influenced you are by them corresponds onto how well developed you have these senses. It all comes down to how you perceive the world.

Miami seems to be moving in a positive direction regarding music and fashion... fact or fiction? Trends around here tend to bubble up and fizzle fairly quickly, any Wasabi pointers you can give our readers for free?

Miami is to my eyes like a 20 year old kid; Miami is experimenting, wondering and trying new things culture wise. Is it positive? Only time will tell. Now, you are asking me about trends? I give a fuck about it. Want my advice? Be honest with yourself so that it all reflects in your decisions, acts and choices.

Wasabi is well on the way of becoming a distinct lifestyle brand with its tendrils reaching into the hottest spots of the Miami scene, what can we expect in the near future?

What Wasabi stands for is expression and bold communication; I hope that is what people feel when they think about Wasabi. WFK is my brand anti-brand. Expect me to try to define my concept conceptually more often.

"Cult" (re: Kult) generally denotes negative connotations but in your case it's a good and sexy thing, what do you suggest for future devotees of the Wasabi Fashion Kult?

Don't take yourself too seriously.

Advice, hopes, aspirations? What do you want for Miami?

Advice? The work/job is there just to entertain you. Hopes? Hope is a waste of time, demand some action. Aspirations? To see a white rainbow. What do I want from Miami? Free parking!

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