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Shaman Stick Productions Now Booking for Propaganda

Now that the Honeycomb's Steve Rullman has shifted his focus to Lake Worth's Little Munich, Cecil Lunsford's Shaman Stick Productions has stepped in to structure programming at Propaganda. In a news release, SSP confirms that Justin Thompson, Mauricio Guerrero, and J.J. Contramus will continue with some of the venue's bookings, but some new changes are afoot, like the return of Sonic Reducer Tuesdays and early-evening, all-ages shows. Read more below:

Shaman Stick Productions is proud to announce our new partnership with Propaganda, Lake Worth, as the in-house booking and promotion team. Justin Thompson, Mauricio Guerrero, and JJ will continue booking some nights throughout the month, as well. We look forward to continuing the great relationship we have formed with the staff of Prop over the last year on a more intimate level. Keep checking in at our website ( and our ReverbNation page ( for show listings and news.

Some things will change as a result of this new partnership, for instance:

We intend to begin booking some early evening, all ages shows to incorporate some of the younger bands who want to break into the scene

The terms of booking have changed in favor of Bands

$2 Sonic Reducer Tuesdays will resume as of September

By and large, patrons and bands can expect an enhancement to the excellent experience they have come to expect from Propaganda. This news comes in the aftermath not only of the Lake Worth-It Festival, which triumphantly secured the proper attention that the music and art scene here in Lake Worth deserves, but also the exciting news about Lake Worth's newest venue, Little Munich, which means bands and patrons alike can now enjoy a variety of venue options in Lake Worth.

If we look back at the past year, Propaganda has been at the epicenter of the burgeoning scene in Lake Worth and South Florida at large. Nearly every band involved in this "happening" has enjoyed the stage, quality sound, interesting environment, and crowds at Prop. Steve Rullman and were no doubt instrumental in these developments, which is why the news of his departure from Propaganda came as such a shock. Working with Steve at Propaganda, both as an outside promoter and a band, over the last year has been a pleasure. We at Shaman Stick Productions wish both and Little Munich extended success in their new endeavor. However, it is important to note that there is no reason that both Propaganda and Little Munich cannot coexist to strengthen the already dynamic scene we have in South Florida, and especially in Lake Worth. The ambiance of these two venues is completely different, with each offering its own charm. There are more than enough bands playing around town from a wide enough variety of genres to preclude bitter rivalries between venues. If anything, presenting a variety of venue choices to patrons should bring even more people out to Lake Worth to see live music, which will be a benefit to the community we've all worked so hard to build. In order to keep this "happening" going, we need cooperation and solidarity among promoters, bands, venues, and patrons.

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