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Sharp Lads Head to "Fort Do-a-Rail" to Play New Tunes at Poorhouse Tonight

Like anybody else who lives in the Northeast, the members of the Sharp Lads are glad to be escaping the impending polar vortex for comparatively warmer weather.

The hard-charging punk-rock four-piece is four days into a two-week tour and will make its Fort Lauderdale debut tonight at the Poorhouse, with local openers punk favorites the Gazms, Knife Fight, and Talking Dogs.

You'd think the band would already be wiped playing a show every day with nothing but driving when they're not onstage, but lead singer and guitarist Dave Tierney said the trip has been great so far.

"We've already played some sick shows to really awesome crowds," Tierney said. "We're maintaining a high energy level through a steady diet of malt liquor and youthful exuberance."

Adding, "We're gonna live forever!" This echoes the chorus of the title track from the Lads' 2014 album, Death by Misadventure.

There are worse credos to live by, and based on the band's fans' support, somebody must agree with the sentiment. Much like that last album, the upcoming Blackout Offensive, due out March 10, was funded by fans through a Kickstarter promotion.

"It felt good to see so many people want to support us," Tierney said. "And how excited everyone was for us to get back in the studio and record again so soon after we released our last record."

The band recorded Blackout Offensive at Big Blue Meanie studios in Jersey City, the same place they recorded Death by Misadventure, because Tim Gilles and his team are, he noted, "a bunch of fucking audio magic sex wizards. They do an amazing job."

Most of the new album has been played at the recent shows as the Lads open with a new track and are especially jazzed about a track about punching cops. Tierney is pretty sure nobody has caught on to most of the words he sings -- and it's been "going over great."

Fort Lauderdale has a reputation to uphold, beyond just the weather, because they've heard about the great punk scene down here.

Whoever's responsible for making sure these guys have a good time, listen up: They may expect a little more than our traditional Fort Liquordale self-mocking.

"We're pretty stoked to be enjoying some nicer weather than we've got at home," Tierney said, adding later, "It will be our first time playing Fort Lauderdale, or as we call it, Fort Do-a-Rail."

Let's show these New Yorkers a good time.

The Sharp Lads with the Gazms, Knife Fight, and the Talking Dogs, 10 p.m. Thursday, January 8, Poorhouse, 110 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale. No cover. Call 954-522-5145.

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