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SHE 103.5 FM Is No Longer "Only Rock and Roll," Has Some Competition on the Internet

A local radio station whose name was once synonymous with rock 'n roll

to many Miamians is coming back -- in a lighter, slightly less rockin'


WSHE was known in the 90s by its tagline, "SHE's Only Rock 'N Roll," before it changed to a series of other stations (most recently Spanish-language) and the call letters were transferred to a Gospel station in Columbus, Georgia. How the mighty had fallen.

Now Clear Channel Communications has announced that it's bringing the station back -- in a different version. The new motto is "SHE Plays Everything," and the mix appears to be an uncontroversial adult-rock blend that included, this afternoon, a transition from Maroon 5 to "Blister in the Sun."

But the story doesn't stop there, with another once-great local station being chewed into soccer-mom pap by the seething maw of Clear Channel Communications. It appears that after WSHE went off the air in 1995, a couple of internet radio stations peddling the name showed up.

On, the

operators write that "A Few Of Us Got Together and Decided To Put WSHE

BACK-ON-AIR Any Way We Could, And We Did.!" The site says that the new

station was broadcast at low power at 105.5 FM for a number of years,

but that frequency was shut down in 2006 for "legality complications."

The source of the online signal reportedly "Is Based Out Of Aventura

Florida Located In The CitiBank Building. Floor & Studio Room

Undisclosed For Securty Purpose."

Another site capitalizes on the old tagline: The site claims "former Miami deejays" decided to bring the signal back online.

Now that Clear Channel has reportedly gotten its call letters back and

revived something kinda-sorta like the old station, we'll see whether

they try to shut down the internet competitors that have been using the

name (one sells the iconic "WSHE" front license plates that were once

associated with the station). We've reached out to Clear Channel and are

trying to talk with the online operators. If you have any clues, drop

us a comment below. Stay tuned.

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