ShipRocked 2012: Filter's Richard Patrick on Being One with the Public and 10 Years of Sobriety

In terms popular culture relevancy -- which  in the '90s, was defined by authoritative standard-bearers, like Casey Kassem and Carson Daly, and populist statistics, like record sales and call-in votes -- Filter peaked early.

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Like many rock and roll bands, this post-grunge, pre-nu-metal "alternative rock" band had a mammoth hit single early in their career with 1995's "Hey Man, Nice Shot." Unlike most of their peers in one-hit-wonderdom, Filter didn't implode or pathetically deflate. Instead, Richard Patrick and an evolving cast of players have chugged along steadily, releasing, on average, an album every three or four years. And now, thanks to contemporary music industry concoctions like concert cruise ShipRocked, Filter is connecting with their devoted audiences with more intimacy than ever before.

We spoke with Patrick about the upcoming 2012 ShipRocked and his ten years of sobriety. 

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Matt Preira