Show Announcements: David Ellefson of Megadeth and Raphael Saadiq

via flick user NRK P3
​Do you think David Ellefson might miss playing for Megadeth? He left the band in 2002, and declined to rejoin the band when Dave Mustaine tried to get them back together in 2004. In fairness, every other original member of Megadeth declined to rejoin Mustain, save guitarist Chris Poland. But Ellefson has been downplaying his career with Megadeth, sometimes even failing to mention it during interviews. Sure there was a pretty big falling out thanks to some royalty issues, but Ellefson was a founding member of one of the biggest thrash metal bands of all time. Now, David Ellefson will be performing at The Talent Farm on November 7, just 18 days before his former band plays at Revolution Live. Tickets are $27 and are available at the Talent Farm's website.

If the bass lines in thrash metal aren't your thing, maybe Raphael Saadiq's smooth bass lines will be more up your alley. The very definition of old school R&B, Saadiq has been belting out the tunes for over 30 years. He's recently worked with Joss Stone, D'Angelo, John Legend, and Jay-Z, nabbed a few Grammy noms thanks to last year's album The Way I See it, and was voted best album on iTunes for 2008. Oh, and most importantly of all, Saadiq started his career with Tony! Toni! Tone! Saadiq is playing the Fillmore on November 28. Tickets are available through Live Nation.

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Brett Gillin