Shroud Eater's New Single, "Tempest," Is Not a Wet Maelstrom of Disease but Rather a New Age Colonic

This was originally slated to open with a paragraph comparing boring seafood and snobby food-shoppers to the sheer awesomeness of one of our favorite local outfits. Needless to say, the steadier thinking of the County Grind sheriffs prevailed, like they sometimes do over their intoxicated bloggers.

But I'm happy to report that the beautiful ladies of South Florida metal, Jean Saiz, Janette Valentine and their gentleman consort Felipe Torres have without a shadow of a doubt brought me back to square one. As a longtime fan, I'm glad that I was steered away from the stupid ways of "holier-than-thou" grocery shopping. Not that there is anything wrong with being proactive about our food choices, but there is something wrong with getting one's head way too far up one's ass.

In the meantime, catch them on their Southeast mini tour with Holly Hunt and listen to their new single "Tempest."

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Listen to this tempestuous amalgamation of death and destruction as your old limestone foundries whittle away under the pressure of water-logged hate. We never wanted to be beautiful, never did you; only a worthless child awakens with that dream.

Let them cleanse us brothers and sisters! Cleanse us of our sins!

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