Signature Custom Wraps' Michael Mogilewski Will Pimp Your Ride to a Skrillex Soundtrack

Eleven years ago, former nightclub manager and South Florida's quickly rising luxury car wrapper, Michael Mogilewski, moved from his native Syracuse, New York, to Aventura because -- as he puts it -- he "lost a bet." 

"It was one of those things," he states coyly, with a wise tone that communicates the 20/20 vision of hindsight and a touch of surprise that he took the plunge. However, the way Mogilew-ski tells it, the story sounds much less like a lost bet and more like the triumph of a good ol'-fashioned No Sissies Allowed dare.

"Everybody is always like, 'Let's go to Florida. Let's move to Florida.' I used to do a lot of design work for people down here. It was a late night out with the guys, and they were all saying, 'You'll never do it.' The next day, I picked up and headed south."

What followed for the designer and onetime nightlife impresario was a decade-plus of similarly fearless decision-making and big-time payoffs for his high-stakes gambling with the direction of his life.

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Matt Preira