Sister Hazel at Revolution

Looks like it’s time for more rock´n´roll from the swamp. Gainesville’s favorite homeboys, Sister Hazel are heading south on tour and hoping they can still cause a stir. They’ve got loads of talent in the alt-rock department, and, at least, used to sell out large venues and arenas in the bands hey day which wasn’t that long ago. But alt-rock is a shifty genre and things took a turn for the worse for the band after their lackluster fourth album, Chasing Daylight went nowhere. But that doesn’t mean the band doesn’t have tons of material to lean on in concert. The Arizona Diamondbacks, yes the professional baseball team, use “All For You," "Change Your Mind," and "Happy" in between innings for home games and most of the tunes off of their platinum album, Somewhere More Familiar are all sing-along ditties that crowds just eat up in concert. It’s easy to assume that Sister Hazel might not have much left in their collective gas tanks, but give the Florida homeboys a second chance. They’re happy to hit the road and are gearing up support a new album. If they can’t get love in their own state, their demise will rest on your shoulders. –Jonathan Cunningham

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