Six More Best LGBT Punk Bands

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A couple of weeks ago, I offered a list of ten LGBT punk bands using my usual scientific approach that meets my memory's criteria. While I fervently appreciate all of your clicks on the blog, I also appreciate those who took the time to jog my memory with some obvious choices that were left out of the proceedings. We here at County Grind aim to please, and today we will correctify all wrong-doings by offering six more LGBT bands of your suggesting!

Last time I got a little cheeky and threw Madonna into the list as a bonus, in today's blog I promise no such nonsense, I've been warned sternly by my handlers and Madge's people. There is a time and place for cheekiness and County Grind is not one for such shenanigans. No siree! We strive for a little humor and musical journeys you might not undertake on your own, we certainly mean no disrespect.

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1. The Buzzcocks - "What Do I Get?"

Britain's Buzzcocks have been at it since 1976 (with a slight pause in the '80s) and their buzzy guitar-driven pop-punk has been an influence on many. Pete Shelley's 1981 single "Homosapien" is a gay disco classic. C'mon now! "Homo superior in my interior?" Classic.

2. Hunx and His Punx - "Lover's Lane"

Hunx and His Punx are on the contemporary tip working off the Ramones' influence as filtered through the gold lamé goggles of the 1960s girl groups. Fun, jangly and as queer as a three dollar bill, Hunx was actually in competition with Pool Party's Creep Guirdo for "Sexiest Man Alive," which ended in a dead heat.

3. The Frogs - "These Are the Finest Queen Boys (I've Ever Seen)"

This suggestion came from local artist Kevin Arrow who was keen on pointing out that while not necessarily punk rock per se, the Frogs' tradition of comedic jams, bat wings, stage glam and their confusing of Smashing Pumpkins fans makes them punk rock in the classical sense. It's a damn shame about founding member Dennis Flemion's drowning death back in 2012.

4. The Screamers - "122 Hours of Fear"

The Screamers were pioneers of the synth-punk movement, and it is a goddamned shame that they never fully got the recorded catalogue that they deserved. Darlings of the L.A. press in their day, Tomata du Plenty became a painter later on and was responsible for bringing Vampira out of retirement before succumbing to cancer in 2000.

5. Nervous Gender - "Cardinal Newman"

Noted for inspiring the Queercore movement, Nervous Gender were as confrontational as it came. Phranc who mellowed out over the years and currently pursues artistic endeavors was an androgynous picaroon who was not afraid to bait her audience and taunt with glee. 1981's Music From Hell is a must in any collection.

6. Homewreckers - "Cuba"

Out of New York and featuring our very own Cristy C. Road, the Homewreckers are a fun punk band and what could possibly be gayer than Fidel Castro's latest zombie photos? An appropriate track for that ailing douchebag.

Bonus: Cyndi Lauper - "True Colors"

I know I made some promises up top, but c'mon, like I'm good at that? Ms. Lauper recently had some skirmishes with South Florida audiences and since she's always been a "Madonna light" time after time, well, why the heck not throw her into this mix? Ha!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.