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Six Rad Bike-Themed Music Videos

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The bicycle has always been a great prop. And even if you don't possess Lance Armstrong's bulging calf muscles, using a bike (or several) in a music video is a creative way to show that you're a baller without bothering with the wildly overused SUV.

All types of music are pedal-worthy, and so it's a pleasure to see that the new video for South Florida hip-hop/funk collective Meta4heads' blissed-out collaboration with area rapper Jabrjaw gets out the BMXs and owns the streets. Prior to this, notable clips from Flaming Lips (NSFW), Doomtree, and plenty of others have strengthened this meme.

Remember, always wear a helmet, kids. Here's the debut of "Driftin'" and five other deserving bike music videos.

6. Meta4heads feat. Jabrjaw - "Driftin"
The clip features a prominent cameo from Astrea Corporation's Mike

Bachman, who mans the bike on which Jabrjaw hitches along for his

rhyming ride. Nothing makes Florida look more desirable than these well-paved wide streets for cycling, and then a good-sized pool for cooling down afterward. The song itself is a laid-back, jazzy, and soulful way to slide into the weekend.

Bike Count: About 15

5. The-Dream with Big Sean - "Ghetto"
Actually, mega-producer The-Dream goes by his given name on this R&B stunna from this year's 1977. Although he can afford red Ferraris, he's just as comfortable rolling through the neighborhood and working that hand brake.

Bike Count: 4

4. Arcade Fire - "The Suburbs"
Spike Jonze's short film video set the stage for the Arcade Fire to jazz up their Grammy Awards performance earlier this year with probably the first instance of bicycles on the stage.

Bike Count: 5

3. Flaming Lips - "Watching the Planets"
Now, we already mentioned that it's a great idea to wear a helmet whenever biking. Let's add clothing to that suggestion. As much as the whipping wind against every single part of your body might seem like the free and easy thing to do in this heavy dose of full-frontal nudity, think of all of the sensitive parts of the body that are much more likely to get chafed and crunched. Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne offers another option: just stay in a big plastic bubble all the time.

Bike Count: Probably 20, but all the T&A made us lose count

2. Doomtree - "Drumsticks"
Minneapolis hip-hop collective Doomtree shows in grand, split-screen style why their city is ranked number one among bike-friendly cities by Bicycling Magazine. Plus, this track totally hauls.

Bike Count: There's gotta be like 30

1. Bat for Lashes - "What's a Girl to Do"
Donnie Darko's creepy influence is definitely felt in this clip featuring biking after dark -- another no-no! Extra props to the masked riders behind Natasha Khan for keeping the beat in their elaborate synchronized stunts while rolling along.

Bike Count: 5

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.