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Six Reasons You Should See Kaskade at SunFest

Kaskade is coming to play in West Palm Beach this Friday night at SunFest. He will be headlining on the main stage from 9:30 p.m. until the festival closes at 11 p.m. This is the first time SunFest has booked a DJ as a headliner, and for fans and rookies alike, it’s a chance to see one of dance music’s biggest names.

Kaskade drew some of the largest crowds in Coachella history over both weekends of the festival. There are plenty of overnight sensations and one-hit wonders in the dance music world, but Kaskade has been doing this for over 20 years, and his career is still hitting new heights. 

SunFest is a music festival, but it’s not about the music in the same way that a festival like Outside Lands in San Francisco or Philly's The Roots picnic is. SunFest is an annual tradition in West Palm Beach, a city-wide celebration that brings together a diverse demographic of different ages and types of people. Because of this, the SunFest lineup is always pretty random. Everything from reggae, pop, punk, americana, rock, hip hop, and electronic music can be heard across its five days of music.

So why should you care that Kaskade is playing tonight? Here are six reasons why you should make the effort to experience him live.
6. Kaskade isn’t just a DJ/Producer. He is also a songwriter.
Kaskade is the rare electronic artist that takes the time to write and develop songs that can work in a club setting, but also stand on its own. For example, his album Fire & Ice was two albums in one. It contained two sets of each song: one club version and one downtempo version.   5. Shows like this don’t happen every day in Broward.  
Sure, we get Mad Decent Block Party each year, but typically one has to trek down to Miami to see any dance act of this scale. The chance to experience Kaskade live with 60,000 people lining the Intracoastal will surely be a night to remember. 

4. A one-day pass is only forty dollars.
Forty. That's it. Try spending forty dollars to get into Liv or Story to see Kaskade. Not gonna happen.

3. Kaskade has the best fans in the game.
Kaskade has built his fan base the old fashioned way, just like Dave Matthews Band or The National did. He tours the country, playing festivals and clubs. Then he gets off the road and makes an album. Then the tour starts again.

This is how you build the most rabid, dedicated fans in the industry. You never stop giving them what they crave. Plus he does lots of other fun, wholesome stuff with his fans like his mini-marathons during festivals. 

2. He helped to expose deep house to a whole new generation with “Redux.”
Kaskade started as a deep house DJ putting out records on the legendary Om Records, but over time he graduated to bigger stages and with that came a bigger main stage sound. A few years ago, he quietly started playing shows dedicated to his deep house roots under the Redux banner. The shows were such a huge smash that tours, an EP, and special pop-up events followed. Now we are hearing artists like Disclosure, Robin Schulz, and Clean Bandit on the radio here in America, and we have Kaskade to thank for that. 

1. His live shows are legendary. 
Look at any picture of Kaskade playing live. Ignore the massive light show, the thousands of fans going wild, and just look at him. He is almost always covered in sweat, huge smile glued to his face, singing along to every word with the crowd. There is genuine passion and energy radiating from the DJ booth.

There is a reason his fans go back to see him time after time after time. Go see him Friday night. Maybe you’ll find out why.   
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