Six Signs of the Grateful Dead's Lingering Legacy

Music changed forever during the heady days of the late '60s. Indeed, while the bands may no longer be around, their legacies still survive thanks to the influence that resonated with so many musical acts that followed.

The roll call of immortal outfits that left an indelible imprint reads like the membership in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- the Beatles, the Stones, Bob Dylan, the Who, the Buffalo Springfield, Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, the Velvet Underground, and on and on and on. There's no shortage of artists today that trace their sounds to the seminal ones exercised by these stalwarts.

Still, if you were to isolate any one band that weighed most heavily on those that followed, the Grateful Dead would certainly be among those in the top tier of influential ensembles. The Dead certainly spawned its share of groups willing to carry on its torch, from tribute bands like the Dark Star Orchestra to those headed up by the surviving members themselves -- Bob Weir's Ratdog, Phil Lesh and Friends, and even the name given what remains of the mother ship, the Dead pure and simple. We offer as proof six examples of how the band's heritage lingers on.

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Lee Zimmerman