Slick Music-and-Culture Mag No Tofu Emerges

Slick Music-and-Culture Mag No Tofu Emerges

These days, most mediaphiles can look forward to a clever new Tumblr page only every so often to fulfill their reading appetite, so the debut issue of No Tofu magazine is quite a contrast. We stumbled across the daring publication over the weekend at the Snooze Theatre. Since it was at a Surfer Blood performance, it's apt that ex-manager and pal of the band Kelly O'Rourke is the mag's associate director.

As you can tell from the image of the cover at left, ex-Le Tigre member J.D. Samson's new outfit Men is the featured story. Clearly, we're not dealing with a run-of-the-mill music title.

Attribute part of that to the choice of a lesbian feminist for a cover subject, but also holding this elegant stock in your hands is an immediate comfort.

The 68 pages within are a mixture of collages, interviews, movie commentary, travel, and some acerbic wit. Featured musicians include Gang Gang Dance, Will Oldham, Cut Copy, and a load more catering to an avant set of readers who probably have picked up The Fader, Paper, or Flaunt at some point.

Cribbing from the editorial letter, "remember -- if anything matters, it is that whatever you do -- be it launch a new magazine, make a movie or sell burritos from a mobile van -- do it with passion."

That this passion is at least partially based right here in South Florida is an added bonus.

Here is a photograph of some of some New Times staffers reading the mag.

Slick Music-and-Culture Mag No Tofu Emerges
Photo by Monica McGivern

Order issue one right here.

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