Slideshow: Flaming Lips at Sunset Cove Amphitheater, October 16

Photo by Kristian Andrew
Wayne Coyne elevates at Sunset Cove on Saturday.

Although there wasn't as much rampant nudity as some recent Flaming Lips videos might suggest, our slideshow from the band's show at Sunset Cove in Boca Raton over the weekend shows that things were far from normal.

Photographer Kristian Andrew managed to score some prime placement near the confetti-covered stage, Wayne Coyne in a gerbil ball, and (obviously) getting a piggy-back ride from a really tall grizzly bear. That whole SunFest debacle is in the distant past thanks to one of the tallest photographs County Grind has ever seen!

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View the rest of the slideshow here.

Photo by Kristian Andrew

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