Jeffree Star at Ground Control, Friday, August 19, 2010
Jeffree Star at Ground Control, Friday, August 19, 2010
Photo by Ian Witlen

Slideshow: Jeffree Star Puts on Highly Suggestive Performance at Ground Control

Shock punk rocker Jeffree Star delivered exactly what was expected Friday night during a thoroughly gender-bent showing at West Palm Beach's Ground Control. As is apparent in our slideshow, the performers onstage were not the only ones taking part in the fabulousity. Lots of hair product, glitter, strategically placed electrical tape, tattoos, bunny ears, and those moderately scary contact lenses figured in. According to photographer Ian Witlen, there was also a bit of a scrum during Blood on the Dancefloor's opening slot. Shocked?

View the awe-inspiring shots here: Jeffree Star Crosses Gender Boundaries at Ground Control

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