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Slip-N-Slide Records Sign Deal with EMI to Push New Trina, Jagged Edge, and Duece Poppi Albums

You can write and record the greatest song ever sung and never make a dime.

But Slip-N-Slide records refuses to go that route. Their distribution relationships with corporate powerhouses  have made them a recognized name around the world by giving their product the visibility it needs in the market place in order to make that serious bank. Even in Iowa.

That trend continues with their freshly-inked expanded distribution and marketing partnership with EMI label services. The agreement will see a push from the company in physical and more importantly digital shelfspace for the artists Jagged Edge, Trina, and Duece Poppi. Services including marketing, promotion, licensing, merchandising, sponsorship, and others are also part of the deal.

The information age offers a million and one ways to sell a song and this new deal will allow Slip-N-Slide to tap previously untouched avenues of income.

And for most of you who have never heard of Duece Poppi, he released a SNS single in 2004 called "Lose Your Mind" which caught a Florida/Georgia buzz but never took off nationally. That's according to corporate label rep CF.

We're guessing this deal allows Slip-N-Slide to offload the burden of marketing & promoting a basically unknown, though longtime insider, on EMI.

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