Smashing Pumpkins Reissuing Both Classic and Clunker Albums

The Smashing Pumpkins just announced plans to re-release all of their classic albums, rarities collections, and an

entire album's worth of new material starting in the fall. This includes their 1991 indie

debut Gish.  As far as our ears can

tell, drummer Jimmy Chamberlain is playing two to three drumsets at once on

each song. Billy Corgan's unique voice is evident in the songwriting, but this

record is more about hiding the vocals under the big, fat tougher-than-metal riffs. As far as bonus tracks for Gish, maybe they'll throw Sub Pop's "Tristessa"

EP in.

The follow-up, Siamese

Dream, quickly got lumped into the "grunge" pile. The hit singles proved that

this band was more than riffs and feedback. Check the sweet and sour pop of "Today"

and the glorious acoustic hit "Disarm," church bells and all. It's one of the

richest rock records of the 20th century -- some songs have over a

hundred guitar tracks.

I remember the day after they played a distortion heavy

version of "Disarm" on the 1994 MTV Awards, my classmate and the future Mr. Perez Hilton was going

off about how amazing their performance was. Up until that point, I thought he

only listened to Gloria Estefan and Madonna. If we still had rock radio in

South Florida, songs from this album would be played all day.

Mellon Collie

and the Infinite Sadness has it all. Dark rock songs, new wave type songs

and elaborate orchestral arrangements galore. It surpassed their breakthrough

in many respects, and pretty much assured their place as rock 'n' roll royalty.

The next three albums, 

Adore, Machina/The Machines Of God and Machina II/The Friends &

Enemies of Modern Music, came out and totally changed my opinion of the band.

What was a respectable group of rockers became a band of Uncle Festers and porcelain

dolls playing chamber music for Beetlejuice. Experimentation gone wrong. Seriously, who wants to buy reissues of those

things? Sorry, I'll hate on those later -- there's plenty of time, the Smashing Pumpkins as Nine Inch Nails deluxe

editions won't come out until 2013. Whoever bought those albums and liked them, still owns them. Those who bought them and 'lost' them just threw those things away, or

sold them to CD Solution.

Hopefully, when the latest lineup of Smashing Pumpkins enter the studio next month to work on their

new record Oceania, they'll make something that will erase those weird three from our memories. Oceania

is part of their ongoing Teargarden

By Kaleidyscope mega-album, which upon completion will have 44 songs total.

Hopefully the 'album within an album' will offer more than the beast that bears

it. So far, TBK's songs have been


By the way, I haven't forgotten about 2007's Zeitgeist -- I just forgot what it sounds


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