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Smoke Your Way Into the Snoop Dogg Show in Five Easy Steps

In a post last week we reported that Roxy's would be giving away ten free tickets to their upcoming Labor Day Bash featuring Snoop Dogg (Sunday, September 5) to the person who uploads the best bong hit video to the Facebook event page. Since then our minds have been completely blown! No, not because we've been smoking our faces off trying to film the winning vid (we're gonna do that in a second), but because not one single video has been posted yet! Bong rippers! Wake up! All you have to do is film yourself taking a fat pull and you may be in the Snoop show ten deep. Free!

Because we're kind (and because winning un-contended is never quite as sweet), we're going to show you step by step how this is done. Observe the five steps for smoking your way into the Snoop Dogg show:

Step 1: Get your Snoop on
We find it's always best to dress the part. In the spirit of this event, you best be pimpin' fo' shizzle!

Step 2: Score that sticky icky icky
We hope you've got ducats, because the way things are these days, the shit ain't cheap! And you know you can't win your way into a Snoop show by smoking anything less than high grade, certified chronic. Watch out for the five-o, though. They'll take yo' ass to jail.

Step 3: Fire it up! (camera and bong)
Make sure to use a respectable apparatus, and take a rip that could blow the braids right outta tha Doggfather's head. Snoop may catch a glimpse of this vid, and you don't wanna be looking like some kind of buster.

Step 4: Gangsta party/Get yo' freak on
You don't wanna waste that buzz Youtube-ing, do you? Hit the booty first, hit the comp later.

Step 5: Click, click, duh. FTW!
Go to the Roxy's Labor Day Bash 2010 featuring Snoop Dogg Facebook event page. Just above the comments, there is a little button with a movie camera on it. Click it. Next, choose to either upload a video from your drive, or record a one with your webcam. Finally, either upload a video from your drive, or record one with your webcam. Sheesh...

May the "most liked" video win!

Roxy's Labor Day Bash 2010 Featuring Snoop Dogg. 9 p.m. Sunday, September 5 at Roxy's Pub, 309 Clematis St., West Palm Beach. 21+ Tickets cost $35-$40. Click here.

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Travis Newbill

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