You can't beat this deal.
You can't beat this deal.
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Snakehole Warns of "Some Evil Ass Riffing" at Tonight's Respectable Street New Year's Eve Party

Snakehole has experienced a solid evolution since forming in 2011. Starting as a power punk trio, the girls of Snakehole have turned into a doom metal punk outfit after a short hiatus. It recalls the very best of '90s sludge, crust acts like Destroy!, Nausea, and Totalitär with Gothic occultism.

Guitarist and vocalist Autumn Casey, bassist Julie Ghoulie and drummer KC Toimil might not collectively weigh that much when sopping wet but their punch sure does pack a wallop. Snakehole is easily one of the more exciting bands working in South Florida today.

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New Year's Eve might be complicated by many people's ideas of how to enter the next 365 days, but Rodney Mayo's Respectable Street has succeeded over the years by keeping its formula simple. This NYE party will not break your bank, and the band is pumped to perform there.

"We are really looking forward to playing in West Palm, people really know how to party there," says Casey, "And the crowd can expect some evil ass riffing and a head-throbbing hangover the next day."

Snakehole released a limited edition cassette EP this past summer on Miami's boutique punk label No Work Records to positive praise. The 100 copy edition, a six song tape, retails for a miserable fiver and you'd be remiss to pass up on it.

The next logical step and hopefully one that won't take too long to bring to fruition will be a long player and Casey's already hinting at that coming sooner than soon, "We are hoping to finish writing this group of songs we've been working out and going out to L.A. to record with friends."

Joining the fun in Respectable's patio area will be psych shoegazers the Band in Heaven, the rapidly rising, garage meets doo-wop duo Beach Day's Kimmy Drake and Skyler Black, and Lake Worth's indie sensations Wake Up.

All of these bands are indicative of the state of affairs in South Florida's varied music scene. And could there possibly be a better way to ring in 2015 than with a pimply ten dollar cover and a handful of quality locals looking to have as much fun as you?

We don't think so.

Snakehole with the Band in Heaven, Beach Day and Wake up at 10 p.m. on Wednesday, December 31, at Respectable Street, 518 Clematis St., West Palm Beach. $10 cover. Call 561-832-9999, or visit

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