Snooki Gets Into Music, Supports Pauly D's Sound "All the Way"

The force of nature that is Snooki wasn't created by an MTV camera crew and salivating reality-obsessed television audience. No, Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi would have thrived and prospered without the streamlined energy of pervertedly watchful Jersey Shore fans.

Not only has Snooki been writing books, pushing everything from boxers (not the undies but the fighters) to self-tanning lotion, giving birth, and raising her son, Lorenzo, but now she's entered the very fickle world of music.

With Team Snooki Music, she's introducing three new artists: B-Capp, Veronica Kole, and local voice AdELA. This weekend, she boogied with the latter at Passion Nightclub in Hollywood. We chatted with the petite promoter about being a mom, playing the drums, and this, her newest venture.

New Times: So I wanted to ask you a little bit about Team Snooki Music. But first, what kind of music, first of all, did you grow up listening to, and what do you listen to now?

Snooki: I grew up with everything. My parents always played the radio when I was a baby, so I love country, I love rock. I can listen to any type of music, but my all-time favorite music right now is house music, of course.

I know you're a new mom. Do you listen to house music at home? It seems like one of those genres you have to go out to listen to. Or do you listen to it with the baby and stuff?

Yeah, Lorenzo actually loves music. We like to play lullaby music a lot, but usually when I do listen to music, I listen in the gym when I do my cardio and stuff like that.

Well that makes sense. And you recently lost a lot of weight. How do you feel about that? Are you excited about it? How's that working out for you?

Um, I just feel like I have more energy. I'm proud of myself that I lost it by working out. And you know it took me a little while, but I mean I'm proud of myself that I did it. At this point, I'm like obsessed with going to the gym, and I love working out, I love fitness, so I'm really proud of myself.

Yeah, congratulations. That's a big deal. So why did you decide to get into music too, after getting into all these other things you do, the tanning lotion line and fashion?

Well, recently, when I had meet-and-greets with my fans with my products, a lot of them would give me CDs and be like, "Listen, you know, I have a great voice." And then I was doing a meet-and-greet for my sunglasses line, and one of our artists, Veronica (Kole), she came up to me and she was just so excited, she started singing in my ear, and like OMG, I was like, "Give me your information. I'm going to work something out."

And I talked to my parents, and I was like we should really start a music division where we can just help artists get recognized and help them with social networking, and you know, just help them get out there. So that's basically where it started.

So these three artists that you have, you chose them because they came up to you? Or just Veronica came up to you at a meet-and-greet?

I chose Veronica because she came up to me at a meet-and-greet. And I just thought she was so adorable, and her voice was great. And then I met our artist B-Capp at one of our boxing events. Our boxer had a fight and he was there.

And then AdELA?

Yeah AdELA, I met her on Twitter. She kept tweeting me and tweeting me. And I started to see her tweets, and then I checked out her videos, and I was like, all right, this girl is great.

Is she from Miami? Is she a local girl, or does she just have that sound?

She lives in Miami now. She looks great; she has a great voice. And her music is basically just about having a good time -- you know, it's fun music.

And Pauly D also makes music. Do you enjoy his stuff? Do you go to his parties ever?

Not really because I'm so busy with doing my own stuff. I don't really attend his events. But I support Pauly all the way. He's a great DJ, and I love him.

So how do you feel about Jersey Shore looking back? Do you have any regrets about it or anything?

You know, it is what it is. It was our opportunity to be best friends living at the Shore with each other in our early twenties, being single. So you know, we had the time of our life.

Do you have a favorite musician that makes baby music or music for kids?

Um, not really. He loves the Disney Channel and the Mickey Mouse Club, so he loves all of those things that always play music.

And so what's next for you? You've ventured into so many realms, what would you want to next, like dream-wise, like fantasy, the thing you would want to do?

Well right now, I'm working on my pregnancy book, so I'm really excited about that. You know it's just a book about me, my experience with being pregnant. It's not an advice book on how to be a parent, or advice about pregnancy. It's just my story, my pregnancy, so I'm excited about that.

I'm working on a clothing line right now so that's exciting. And my dream goal one day is to have my own talk show. I'm getting into hosting and stuff like that, and it's just so fun, I love it. Hopefully, one day I can break away from reality (TV) and have my own talk show.

That would be cool. So, with your pregnancy book, do you have any advice to new moms?

I don't really like giving advice. I'm not an advice person. I'm nobody to give advice. But if you're a new mom, just relax, don't be stressed out. Luckily, I have a really good baby, he hardly cries. He's always happy. The only thing that sucks is you don't really get enough sleep, but I mean you get used to it.

And are writing the book by yourself? Or do you have someone helping you with it? How does that work?

Well, I'm writing the book by myself, and then obviously I have people looking me over to make sure it makes sense, and you know, I spell correctly and stuff like that. But I mean I'm doing it all myself, so it's really exciting.

Have you spent any time in South Florida, in Fort Lauderdale?

Well, we actually just got back from vacation a couple months ago, we went to Hollywood. It's a really nice place, it's quiet, it's great for the baby. So we had a really good time.

Did you ever grow up playing an instrument? Will your son learn to play instruments?

Well, I actually played the drums in high school, I took drum lessons. And I was pretty decent. And hopefully Lorenzo will want to play instruments. I think every kid does at least once.

Were in the drumline or in the band?

I actually took private lessons and I was going to join the band but they had too many drummers, so I basically took the lessons for nothing.

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