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Snoop Dogg, Herbie Hancock, Wiz Khalifa - SunFest - May 3

Snoop Dogg
Also Herbie Hancock and Wiz Khalifa
SunFest in West Palm Beach
May 3, 2012

Better than: A cold egg cream on a warm day. 

SunFest was ablaze with burning indo last night. If there were a musical evening set aside for potheads, Thursday night's lineup of the five-day festival was the one. Performing was Wiz Khalifa, who was recently arrested twice in two weeks for smoking dope; Snoop Dogg, who 'nuff said; and Herbie Hancock, who is no doubt the preferred musician for older stoners and stoners who love great music. 

The mostly college-aged crowd was awash in smoke from their own blunts and the fog machines on the Bank of America stage. They ate up every second of Wiz and Snoop's performances. It was like they had the munchies or something. 

There was still light out when Wiz Khalifa sang of the joys of pot and encouraged everyone to put their peace signs in the air. Dressed like an '80s Axl Rose in a studded vest and tight jeans that featured the pattern of the American flag, his mic stand flowed heavily with scarves, à la Stevie Nicks. 

Both he and Snoop performed with live bands, adding to the dimension of their sound and making the whole thing very "in the moment." Naturally Wiz asked the crowd, "Who's got the best weed in this motherfucker?" And from the sound of the response, there was some competition. 

Over at the Tire Kingdom stage, Herbie Hancock's fans were just as enthusiastic about their legend's performance. However, they were more of a sitting-on-grass and chilling-with-their-wives-and-kids group. Herbie delivered the jazz fusion, made things funky, and then brought it full circle with '80s electro-Herbie. No room for anyone to complain. 

Snoop was slated to begin at 9 p.m. and naturally ran a few minutes late. Sadly, he left Tupac at home. More smoke billowed over the crowd from which emerged Snoop D.O. Double G, bringing with him all of his many hits. Every Snoop song you'd have wanted to sing along with him to you could last night. Only problem was that the mic was low or he was singing softly, so it was hard to keep track of what part of each song he was on. Like during "Lodi Dodi" it was like, "Don't cry, dry your eye... um... I'm ninetee... uh... Beeotch!" Unable to show off our knowledge of the lyrics was a bit frustrating to our giant egos. Either way, our mission was accomplished when we sang a personal karaoke favorite "Gin and Juice" along with the man himself. 

There was a medley focusing on Doggystyle favs. He closed out with danceable favorites like "Sexual Eruption" and "Beautiful," which he sang for the sexy ladies (thanks, Snoooopppp). A cover of House of Pain's "Jump Around" got people jumping, well, around. 

A video of Snoop as Tony Montana of Scarface with clips from blaxploitation films screened on the monitors before Snoop came to the stage with three sexy dancers, or fly girls, or hot ladies, or whatever, who had moves all the strippers should envy. He was wearing Marley gear with a Rasta cap. Onstage, besides a band, MC, and the ladies was a person in a plush puppy head with two black braids. Presumably a representation of the Dogg. 

He looked happy the whole time. And not just because he was half-baked. The performance went on into the night, and there wasn't a place out there on the waterfront where you couldn't find moms, cool kids, and babies dancing like it was 1995. 

Critic's Notebook

The crowd: Lots of young stoned white folks with short shorts and tank tops. Older moms and dads of all races and creeds with kids of all ages. 

Personal bias: When I was in middle school, I got sick for a week. It was the week that the video for "Nothin' but a 'G' Thang" came out, and I fell in love instantly. You can always get me to do "Gin and Juice" karaoke, anytime, anyplace. Just ask!

Overheard in the crowd: "Flash me your best gang sign." Some WASPy tanned chick told this to a 3-year old black boy. I gave her the filthiest look.

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