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Snooze Theatre Raided by Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

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The spirit of the Snooze Theatre was first explored back in December 2010, when members of the West Palm Beach psychedelic synth-rock act the Jameses teamed with Pettingill and Jankow to host a two-day weekend festival at the spot dubbed Zitfest. Since then, when the owners aren't on tour with their bands Cop City Chill Pillars and Love Handles, the Snooze is a labor of love that has united a small, passionate segment of South Florida music lovers who want something different from a velvet rope and a $16 martini.
Pettingill politely explained to the sheriff's officer that any money made at the door or off the $4 Stellas at the bar would be split among the traveling bands. In the case of the blindfolded garage-punk duo the Vignettes, this means some necessary gas money for getting them back to their Memphis home. As is the case with many Snooze events, the place wasn't packed, but the crowd cheered heartily and bobbed their heads during Tumbleweave's spastic dubstep parody of a live DJ set between bands. However, once PBSO began digging through the cabinets and storage rooms and talking about potential fines, all of the night's energy was sapped from the venue's red checkered floor.

Via Chrome Dick, who was there to perform with Suede Dudes:

So the cops totally shut down the show at The Snooze Theatre tonight. Mainly because they were bored, saw some kids hanging out having a good time, and decided to ruin the rest of the night. Four of the six bands played... well, William Stull played half of a set.

Why couldn't they just leave us alone?! They should be patrolling the shitty areas and preventing crime, not music and creativity.

Fucking jerks.

In light of how difficult it is to obtain a beer and wine license for a South Florida bar in the first place and additionally how challenging it is to make it into a profitable venture (see Monterey Club), it was especially disheartening to see the night cut short by the law.

Any sort of public safety officer is that public safety should be the highest priority. When law enforcement focuses on keeping the peace and keeping people from harming themselves, it's arguably one of the greatest qualities of living in the United States. However, witnessing the Snooze Theatre raid felt more like harassment than "an education for all of us," as the man in green called it during his extensive explanation of the importance of treating him with the respect he deserves. How about treating one of the most upstanding venues around with the respect it deserves too?

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