Snooze Theatre Reopens: Top Ten Snooze Slogan Suggestions

You may have heard by word of mouth (the Snooze Theatre's most popular marketing method) that it's a big Wayne's World "game on!" once again.

Jordan Pettingill and C.J. Jankow are moving forward after a month or so of canceled shows, lost potential income, and frustration among the musical community that recognizes the Snooze as an invaluable creative haven. All of this is a result from a seemingly unnecessary raid by the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office, first reported by former County Grind Editor Reed Fischer.

Although they may never host an official benefit show, as Pettingill states, "Every show we've ever had has been a benefit show," we felt it necessary to make a pitch of potential marketing tag lines, just in case they'd like to expand their fundraising through creative merch options.

Here's our list of top ten slogans to appear on Snooze apparel:

10. SNOOZE LIFE. Written in the same font as Rhianna's new tattoo.

9. Wake up, Little SNOOZIE, Wake Up. The children's line.

8. The Snoozual Suspects.

6. Snoozefest 2012. Even bigger and better than 2010's Zitfest and 2011's DEATH TO THE SUN III, combined! Is that possible?

5.  Next stop, Snoozeville. 

4. SNOOZE-O-RAMA. Read as emphatically as J.J. in Good Times would say "Dyno-MITE!"


3. Snooze Raider. T-shirt available only in Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office uniform green.

2. Snoozin' for a Bruisin'. Created for the next Snooze scene band that represents aboard one of the many musical cruises, like last year's performances by Surfer Blood and the Jacuzzi Boys on the Bruise Cruise.


1. You SNOOZE, You WIN. Enough said! 

Whether it's written across your chest on a homemade T-shirt or screen-printed on a limited-edition Snoozie-koozie, we hope this list will spark creative ideas for rad Snooze merch. Share your own ideas tonight before watching Weird Wives and LLLR at the newly reopened Snooze Theatre, at 798 Tenth St. in Lake Park.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.